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Pet-Friendly Vacation Home vs Hotel for Your Next Trip

July 18, 2022 | by admin | Travel Tips

While staying at a five-star hotel might be at the top of your dream vacation priority list, if you’re bringing your pet along, you might want to consider a vacation home instead. The same perks that make a hotel a tempting choice for you can add stress to your trip when bringing your furry best friend along. Here are a few ways vacation rentals can make your trip with your pet a memorable experience for both of you!

You Can Have a Yard

While your pet might enjoy tearing up and down a hotel hallway, the other guests and management may not find the same joy in it. Renting a vacation home with a yard means your best buddy can relax in the fresh air alongside you. Not only will it make it easier for them to relieve themselves, but they can have a vacation of their own, exploring new sights and smells and having some freedom to run and play.

You’ll Have More Privacy

Trying to time your day so that your pet isn’t in the room when hotel housekeeping comes by can be a real headache. Add to that the stress of trying to keep your pet quiet to respect the other hotel guests, and your vacation suddenly becomes a source of stress. The privacy of a vacation rental allows you to come and go as you please, confident that your pet can relax without anyone entering your accommodations without warning. If your pet is a bit noisy, it’s okay – there will be no one to be bothered except the local wildlife.

Feel at Home

While some hotels have incredibly comfortable accommodations for their human guests, it’s rare to find a hotel that is quite as comfortable for your pet. Vacation homes are spacious enough to allow your best buddy to spread out and even to bring their own bed! You can have enough space for your pet to have their feeding area separate from all the activity, and pets who are night owls won’t wake their humans who are enjoying a restful getaway.

Be More Relaxed

As a pet owner, you may have noticed that when you are stressed, your pet is stressed. When you are calm, your pet is calm. All of the stresses of keeping a pet in a hotel will manifest in both you and your pet missing out on the serene relaxation a getaway is meant to provide. Staying in a vacation home will allow you to take advantage of the luxurious accommodations that make you feel completely at ease, which will in turn help your pet relax and enjoy their vacation, too.

When booking your next accommodation, consider renting a vacation home rather than a hotel. You won’t be sorry!

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